Health care is a human right

As a family medicine physician, I will make affordable and accessible healthcare for all a top priority. Too many hard working people are unable to afford to see a doctor, get their prescriptions, or afford a lifesaving treatment. No one should go bankrupt because of the cost of medical care. We need to make sure that we protect healthcare and prioritize the well-being of all Arizonans.

Seniors wellness

As we all age, it’s important to plan for the future. Our seniors have worked hard their entire lives and invested in our state.We have a duty as a society to care for our aging population by making sure they have the services they need to live out their golden years.


EDUCATIONal excellence

We need to fully fund Arizona’s public schools to the best standards. Our current lawmakers refuse to fully fund Arizona’s schools……that does not make sense and is just wrong! Our teachers, students and community deserve better. Why? Good schools create a strong workforce, increase property values, and strengthen the economy.

Protect Arizona

I grew up in rural Arizona and I cherish my memories of exploring Arizona’s natural beauty. As a child, I remember playing on the Colorado River, seeing a wild deer for the first time in the Kofa Mountains, and visiting the Grand Canyon. I will stand up to protect our land at the State Legislature.